Demnächst bei FS Records

Das deutsche Label Freiheit Sound Records fährt dieses Jahr harte Geschütze auf, die bald in eure Heimanlagen geschossen werden! Spruchreif sind bislang vier Veröffentlichungen, die zur wärmeren Jahreszeit den Schein der Sonne verstärken sollen.

In Kürze erscheint eine Split CD der brasilianischen Band Fist of Steel und den Schwedenrockern Blodsband. Jede Gruppe wird mit sechs Liedern an den Start gehen. Zwei Titel von Fist of Steel wurden schon auf einer anderen, stark limitierten CD veröffentlicht. Neben der normalen Version, wird es auch ein DigiPak geben. Hier schonmal das Vorab-Cover:

Düster wird es auf dem Album „Gösta hallberg cuula“ der NSBM-Gruppe Locked and Loaded, ebenfalls aus Schweden. 10 Titel inkl. Intro und Outro sind es geworden. Auch hier ist die Veröffentlichung im Sommer 2018 angestrebt. Die CD kommt im DigiPak, limitiert auf 500 Stück.

Und zu guter letzt soll ein Sampler erscheinen, der den dritten Teil der Reihe „Lieder für einen neuen Zeitgeist“ bildet. Mit von der Partie sind Randgruppe Deutsch (D), We Want War (SWE), Triskel (Chile), Störmanöver (D), Blodsband (SWE), Bone Head (SWE) und zwei weitere (D / SWE), die noch geheim gehalten werden bis zur Veröffentlichung.

Wirklich zu guter letzt gibt es hier das vollständige Interview mit We Want War, das ja gekürzt auch in der letzten CD zu finden ist.
Q: Can you tell us the history of the band, when and were We Want War was formed etc?
A: Well… We Want War started for maybe three years ago. But at that time we were named „Nordmän“ and played only covers, foremost by Pluton Svea, Ultima Thule and other bands that we liked then. But after a while we started writing our own music and lyrics, and changed the name into We Want War.

Q: What’s the current line-up?
At the time we were one guitarist short, since the other one left the band. Now it’s me on guitar and vocal, and Fogde on drums and back-vocal.

Q: We Want War is a slight aggressive name for a band, can you tell us why you chose a name like that?
A: On one part we wanted to draw attention to our music, so the name We Want War, is quite catchy… And on the other hand – why not war? Wouldn’t anything be better than the hypocratic democrazy we’re livinging in? Democrazy? Hell no! We Want War!

Q: Are the members of We Want War engaged in any organisation or racialist/skinhead group?
A: No, not at the time. But our record label is a part of the local section Gävle in Sweden, of NSF (NationalSocialistic Front).

Q: Are all members of the band Nationalsocialists and skinheads?
Generally speaking, we’re nationalists… and at the time, we’ll leave it at that, nothing more, nothing less.

Q: What’s the main reason that We Want War was formed?
A: We think that music is a great force to be recon with. We play to inspire people to think, rather then to swallow everything the media says. We want people to realise what is and isn’t right.

Q: Are any of the members around in other bands?
A: Yes, we do have a finger here, and a foot there… some small pet-projects. We’ll just wait and see what will happen to them. But we try to focus on WWW that we think can go far, if we stick together and work hard.

Q: What kind of music does We Want War play and what’s the main influences?
A: Don’t really know how we should define it, but we like to think of it as some kind of rock-music. It’s quite easy on the ears, and will probably be looked at as ordinary rac, I guess.

Q: Have any of the band members been experiencing any form of pressure from society or family because of the racialist beliefs that they share?
A: Shhh.. I live with my mummy and she doesn’t know anything… Seriously No, not yet.

Q: It’s an awful lot of money involved to play in a commercial rockband instead of a racialist band. Why don’t you play commercial music instead?
A: Our heritage can’t be valued in money. It’s not about greed or being famous. If we get money or become famous… well guess that’ll be a bonus – but it is not, and will never be a reason to play.

Q: What’s the band’s opinion about racialist/skinhead bands who sells themself to the commercial music-industry because of the money?
A: Sellouts and traitors! We play only for the cause!

Q: Have We Want War been playing any gigs?
A: No, not really. played some covers at a school some time ago, but they didn’t know what we were playing, though. Only performed some Ultima Thule-covers.

Q: What’s the dream gig?
A: Where or when, doesn’t matter – we like to play, and we’ll take any chance we get.

Q: We Want War has signed a contract with the Swedish record label Sniper Records, the band has also been recording material to a compilation album which will be released on Sniper. What made the band choose Sniper Records?
A: We have a good personal relationship to Sniper Records, which means a lot for us. That’s why.

Q: Any future plans ?
We’ll keep on doing our thing. Foremost we’re looking forward to our first full lenght cd-release. Then we’ll see what happen. Maybe people will hate our music? Ha! Like that would ever happen. We just keep on rockin‘ for the golden race.

Q: How can people get in contact with the band if they would like to book We Want War for a gig or interview?
A: Just contact our label and they’ll arrange it. ( Sniper Records )

Q: Any last words or hails to the readers of this interview?
A: Keep on fighting and never back down! If it’s for the cause it will never be to much, and it will always be worth it! White Pride – World Wide!

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